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Morels - Dried

Nutty. Rich. Toasted.

Morels (Morchella sp.) are known around the world for their full flavour and unique meaty texture. Much like other fungi, they are opportunistic growers and come up in burn sites where fire ran through in the previous year.

Harvested and dried in beautiful BC. 

Uses: Most popularly cooked with pastas (cream sauces), risottos, alongside red meats, or in soups and stews. Dried morels can also be ground and utilized in a meat rub.

To Rehydrate: Soak in a bowl of warm water or stock for 20-40 minutes or until tender. Strain the mushrooms and reserve the infused liquid for use in sauces, stocks or soups. When preparing soups or stews, the dried mushrooms can be added without rehydrating as they revive during the slow cooking process.

Size: 0.25 lb